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Re: Searching on the database

Bob + All,

So what you are saying is, even once it has been donated, we need to
keep track of who we gave it to? This can be done naurally, but it would
involve getting the details of the person we give the PC too. One thing
to think of, if we give a person a PC and the video card was nicked, how
do we go about getting that video card back?

Should we be storing the serial number of all devices? Each device has a
serial number on it, even RAM chips, this can all be added.


Bob Ogden wrote:
> Part of the problem we're facing here in WA is the Pawnbrokers and Second
> Hand dealers act. It is only due to a regulation that it does not apply to
> charities (ie a simple ministerial decree and the full act would apply to
> charities) and we need to avoid having that regulation revoked as the
> paperwork involved in the full act is onerous in the extreme, eg part of
> the process involves obtaining 100 "points" of verified ID from the seller
> (yes I know, we'd be neither buying nor the donator selling but the act
> would _still_ apply) and the costs would be crippling ( >$1000 p/a ).
> Having said all that  :), I think it'd be important for the organisation
> to be able to pull up records on any item that would identify the donor
> (and probably recipient too) in case the police come along and say the
> stuff was nicked! so to that end I think that identifying details need be
> stored with components on the data base, this need not be name, phone etc
> but some sort of cross reference that can be used to ID the component,
> however that would be an extra burden of work (keeping track of two lists
> that Xref) so perhaps just storing all the info on one data base would be
> easier, in which case there needs to be some work done on a privacy policy
> to be able to smooth any ruffled feathers of donors
> In <36EA7E53.5DBF2665@rivuug.webfront.net.au>, on 14/Mar/99
>    at 02:03 AM,(+1100 GMT)
> Nathan Dietsch <njd@rivuug.webfront.net.au> said:
> > Peter and All,
> > > Problem with personal details eg phone number may upset some
> > > as a breach of privacy!!
> > > Maybe First Name, Family Name, Suburb, email and a ref code.
> > > Anyone trying to contact someone on the list could email, look it
> > > up in the white pages or go to a "computerbank" contact and get
> > > the details from them via the ref code!!
> > Yes, I have anticipated those problems already. I think it should be
> > optional to supply a phone number, but even so, I have created what is
> > called a view which restricts the level of access certain users have to
> > data. For example, as the adminstratory I have access to all data which
> > has been entered. But other users only have access to surname, first
> > name and email address and state. Even location might be found a bit
> > much, but I think state is pretty safe.
> > Nathan
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