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Design Document 0.01

Hello all,

I have created a design document, it is *very* rough at the moment, but
it does show the base table design as well as an analysis. If you would
like to see how the design is coming along check out

I have not done the screen design section yet. I also have to convert
the pages to *.phtml and pretty them up a bit.

I think it is important that the design is written down and public so
that if or when I can no longer contribute, the ideas are there in
writing. I have tried to make everything as clear as possible. If you
believe anything is wrong or could be better put, please let me know.

It was created in Windows 98. I am currently linuxless until I get my
debian 2.1 CDs so it was all I had.

Go forth and critique.


Nathan Dietsch
SQL Server Administrator