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Re: re bobs comments

Hello everyone...

Computerbank has scoreed a mention in two articles today's IT Age- both a
dedicated half-page article, and a mention in an article about FreeBSD.

Most of the information and commentary was very good- with the exception of a
paragraph describing the systems we were producing.  Firstly, it refered to what
I described as a "desirable" system as a "minimum" system (not a huge problem).
Secondly, it said we were using RedHat... I don't know where that came from and
I've emailed the author to see if I can get it corrected.

The articles are accesible from The Age's web site, www.theage.com.au.
It might be worthwhile for the NSW and WA publicity people to get in touch with
the SMH and (whatever Perth's broadsheet paper is called) to see if they can get
articles too.