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Re: re bobs comments

That's brilliant news!  8-)

Don't know about the other states, the plan in WA  was to get a few systems out to
people before letting the media know about us (in order to say we'd actually done
something as opposed to planning it)... but I think good media will be brilliant
especially for getting systems donated to us - if it becomes a big-enough of a
feel-good for various pollies, we might even get some kind of formal arrangement
with various state/federal government departments.. 8-)

That's my $0.02 anyway.... ;-)


Peter Eckersley wrote:

> Hello everyone...
> Computerbank has scoreed a mention in two articles today's IT Age- both a
> dedicated half-page article, and a mention in an article about FreeBSD.
> Most of the information and commentary was very good- with the exception of a
> paragraph describing the systems we were producing.  Firstly, it refered to what
> I described as a "desirable" system as a "minimum" system (not a huge problem).
> Secondly, it said we were using RedHat... I don't know where that came from and
> I've emailed the author to see if I can get it corrected.
> The articles are accesible from The Age's web site, www.theage.com.au.
> It might be worthwhile for the NSW and WA publicity people to get in touch with
> the SMH and (whatever Perth's broadsheet paper is called) to see if they can get
> articles too.
> Peter