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Re: re bobs comments

On Mon, Mar 15, 1999 at 01:34:04PM +1100, Nathan Dietsch wrote:

> >Yes, unfortunately I think we're going to have to at least consider
> >having the ability to keep the info as it may at a later stage be
> >forced on us. I _do_ think that access to those records be highly
> >secured and need, for instance, an official request from police and
> >ok from a management committee to retrieve all the data.
> Yes, we need to cooperate fully with the police. They have a habit of
> making life tough for those who don't. Besides they do have that $200
> 000 000 contract.

might be worthwhile checking into the regulations for 2nd hand
dealers...it's distantly possible that we may be regarded as one because
we accept second-hand goods and distribute them to others.

AFAIK, 2nd hand dealers have to see ID when they buy something and
they have to keep a register of who sold them what. cops can view this
register whenever they want.

if that doesn't apply to us then we should only release details when a
court order tells us to do so.

> > _don't_ think that stolen property is going to be a big problem for
> > . However it needs to be thought about in advance so the issues can
> > be met with reasoned responses :).
> Yes, it would look very professional if the police track us down and
> we can just pull up details as requested. I also think this data
> should not be given to police without a warrant.

court order. warrants would rarely be specific enough to include
searching your computerised or other records.


craig sanders