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grassroots alternative to easymail?

Well it looks like Telstra (or their contracted 3rd party developers)
don't want to make the protocol public. I've heard a suggestion that
it's because people could then write a client that didn't display ads.

What if Computerbank were to implement a similar service for our clients,
i.e. an email only, time and bandwidth limited, dialin service. The
POP and SMTP servers would have to be made to limit resources and login
time. Or it could be done over UUCP as someone suggested. This way there
would be few issues with client-modem ratio as our clients would be
paying per dialin; there would be disincentive to overuse the service.
Maybe a small fee like $10 per quarter would cover phone line rental,
equipment, and other costs.

When they like email, they can then graduate to registering for a regular
ISP account from any of the usual suspects.