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Re: grassroots alternative to easymail?

On 23 Mar, Ken Yap wrote:
> Well it looks like Telstra (or their contracted 3rd party developers)
> don't want to make the protocol public. I've heard a suggestion that
> it's because people could then write a client that didn't display ads.

They may not make the protocol public, but I wouldn't give up on
EasyMail as a lost cause just yet. Just as soon as I get to work I'm
going to go have a talk to its product manager. He works in a building
five minutes walk from my own. I'll see if I can find out who actually
develops the product, then we can talk to them directly about a
supported Linux based client. I'm sure we can put an attractive deal to
them .. the ComputerBank project especially.

To that end, would you mind if I called on you at some stage to assist
in discussions if necessary? It could be as simple as a telephone
conversation, or might take the form of some sort of written
submission describing the Project and its activities to date?

The idea of approaching local ISP's is a good one, the downside is that
isn't a nationally consistent approach to take, nor any sort of
standard service offering. This would certainly be an attractive
feature of EasyMail.


terry@albert.aapra.org.au, terry@linux.org.au