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Re: grassroots alternative to easymail?

On Tue, 23 Mar 1999 15:08:22 +0800, david.buddrige@mitswa.com.au wrote:

>OTOH, we could just suggest people use standard ISP email-only accounts - I
>understand some of these can be obtained for $5 / month??  Some
>price-checking may be needed here - this is based on vauge recollections,
>not actual research... 8-)

There used to be a lot of BBSs that would offer internet mail for really
low prices (this would have been around 95/96, I have no idea if they are
still around).  They can do it cheap because they only connect to the net
once a day to send and receive new mail.  That means theres a delay in
sending mail but it's better than nothing.