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grassroots alternative to easymail?

It's 25 Mar 99  18:29:51,
We'll return to spblunt@ozemail.com.au and All's
discussion of grassroots alternative to easymail?

 sp> There used to be a lot of BBSs that would offer internet mail for
 sp> really low prices (this would have been around 95/96, I have no idea if
 sp> they are still around).  They can do it cheap because they only connect
 sp> to the net once a day to send and receive new mail.  That means theres
 sp> a delay in sending mail but it's better than nothing.

I still have the core technology to do this installed (in fact, this
email is, in fact, a gated Fido netmail :) ).

If you can get on Fidonet at all, check out the UFGATE, DOS_INTERNET,
and BBS_INTERNET echos for more info.

It is quite cheap to run, especially if you can find a UUCP provider at
a reasonable price.  One or two UUCP polls/day should keep the system
going. :)

Pity UUCP is getting harder to find these days.  Using SMTP/NNTP is
_much_ messier, and UUCP is so well suited to this style of system. :-(

Of course, you could always setup a dialup Linux box with UUCP and have
readers surf in over PPP connections with conventional clients or shell
accounts. Sort of a mini "internet" with a UUCP link to the outside

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