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[Computerbank] Missing Nokia 8310 at CBV

A Nokia 8310 with a red/blue front cover and grey back cover was lost at
CBV yesterday, in the front area (next to Capzilla, I believe), or in
the training room, with its accompanying headset (two earphones plus a
microphone). If someone picked it up, inadvertently or otherwise, I
would really, really appreciate it back - I will offer a reward. Apart
from its obvious monetary value, it is very valuable to me - there are
close on 300 numbers in its phone book, and most everyone only has my
mobile phone number, and I can't afford a replacement at the moment.

It's more or less useless to sell or use - not only does it have the
obvious security features enabled (PIN request on my SIM card, security
code request on any other card), but I also have its IMEI number, and
will get it blocked across all three networks if I don't get it back
quite soon. I'll be raising this issue in person at CBV tomorrow, but
yeah. I believe it went wandering around 5pm.

If you have it, or know who has it, please contact me, or get someone
else to. It's really important to me, and I am offering a reward.


Daniel Stone                                     <dstone@trinity.unimelb.edu.au>
Developer, Trinity College, University of Melbourne

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