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[Computerbank] [ANNOUNCEMENT] CAISA Special Meeting, Sunday March 23, 1pm

Computerbank Australia is having a Special Meeting on March 23, 1pm, at The 
Hut Community Centre, Aldgate

Bring food to share if you wish - its nice to keep these things relaxed.

Current agenda items:
New Branch Coordinator.
WFTD issues and expressions of interest in paid supervisor role (for details, 
apply to me :)  )
Premises decision.
Increased involvement by volunteers.

All further agenda items to me by 18th March please.

Please RSVP by 20th March. Its *VITAL* we know what room size we need at the 

ps interested souls from LinuxSA welcome to attend and join and participate:)
Romana Challans
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State Coordinator
Computerbank Australia Incorporated - Sa Branch

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