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Victoria meeting next Sunday - questions???

Hi All,

Just writing to remind everyone that we will be having a
meeting to ratify the "revised" Constitution next Sunday the
23rd May. Venue to be announced - in the event that we cant
find another suitable place - we could have it in Footscray
at Mephan St. (However I don't really think this would be a
convenient option as  the toilets are locked on a Sunday at
the Sims Plastic Factory.)

Please send suggestions for a meeting venue to the list.
(Walter: Perhaps we could use your organisations premises?)

What time do people consider a good time for a meeting on a
Sunday? 12pm / 1pm / 2pm ? 

While I am asking q's -

Is there any word on the quake fest? (Melb Uni?) Anyone on
the list that would be particularly interested in helping to
organise such an event? (for fundraising purposes)

A copy of the revised Constitution will be posted to the
list over the weekend. (Trish?)