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Re: Victoria meeting next Sunday - questions???

On Fri, 14 May 1999, Kylie Davies wrote:

> Please send suggestions for a meeting venue to the list.
> (Walter: Perhaps we could use your organisations premises?)
I would personally say that unless we want to do technical work (which
seems difficult on a Sunday with Mephan St being impractical), we should
go for a restaurant/cafe.  That way we get a pleasant environment and
people can eat lunch while the meeting is happening.  Just my two cents
worth :)

> What time do people consider a good time for a meeting on a
> Sunday? 12pm / 1pm / 2pm ? 

2 sounds good :)

> While I am asking q's -
> Is there any word on the quake fest? (Melb Uni?) Anyone on

Ooops... thankyou for reminding me.  That's going straight onto my list of
things to do.

> the list that would be particularly interested in helping to
> organise such an event? (for fundraising purposes)

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Peter Eckersley

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