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Re: Is anyone in Melbourne Interested?

At 09:29  25/05/99 +1100, Kylie Davies wrote:
>Hi (this is mainly a Melbourne type question,
>>A couple of us are going down to ERNi (Equipment Recycle Netwrok Inc) - I 
>think that they have a website at http://www.erni.asn.au - although I am not 
>too sure as I can get any web documents this morning. ERNi recycle computers 
>and equipment for people with disabilities. 
>Hoping to get down there to spend some time with volunteers at ERNi - in 
>finding out and observing how they do things - and how they have set 
>themselves up. 
>The place is in Ringwood (17 Greenwood Ave) and they are only open until 
>12noon. Some of us are aiming to get there by 10am. If you would like to 
>come, and you are not working, please either contact me or just turn up. 

The URL is correct for erni

When -what day?
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