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Computerbank Victoria mailing list

Hi All,

Craig (from Vicnet) has set up a mailing list for
Computerbank Victoria  - it is for the CBV committee and
members who actively participate. Members who are active in
other states - eg: do things together, meet etc can join if
they wish to contribute or if it would be helpful in
assisting in their establishment.  

It is hoped that by using the list we will be able to
discuss our administrative / establishment issues. We might
even be able to
collaboratively come up with a letter (s) to send to various
organisations for support. Even ideas as to where we might
find support. I'd also hope to get more of your input with
respect to policy development around issues such as
management roles, application processes, computer
specifications, training (or training materials),
volunteers, who we work with and why.

The list will be a closed list.

Please email me if you wish to be subscribed to this list.
(i will subscribe all committee members)

Hoping to have much of our ground work achieved in Victoria
with this list.


ComputerBank Australia -- http://www.computerbank.org.au/