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Re: [Computerbank] use off #cbsupport for all!

Just as an addition was wondering if we could get feedback off #cbsupport and 
link it to the cbsupport mailing list. I mean some way of keeping track of 
what problems people are raising on #cbsupport and then mailing out solutions 
to the cbsupport mailing list, at least if they are ones that might affect or 
be of interest to other recipients. We could even get a weekly post going or 
something like that. Would be happy to write solutions up but have dialup 
only so wouldn't be aware of all of the problems that were discussed. Is 
there away of keeping a record of what is discussed. Maybe someone with a 
cable connection could email a weekly record of what happened on #cbsupport 
to me and any others who are interested.  

On Thu, 2 May 2002 16:38, you wrote:
> My comments below.
> -----Original Message-----
> From: Romana Challans
> To: Computerbank Australia Inc; CAISA
> Sent: 5/02/2002 2:56 PM
> Subject: [Computerbank] use off #cbsupport for all!
> * only Ops can assist (Channel Operator)
> -- fine generally
> * becoming Ops is acheived by discussing with one of the Ops on
> channel:)
> -- fine
> * only one person assists at a time (per question, so each Ops grabs a
> question and runs with it, to save confusion)
> -- /me reminds rom about what happened with the modem saga
> * romana should eat more chocolate (just testing folks;)  )
> -- No she should send it to me!

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