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Hi All,

Here's the final details for the AGM:

	Date: Saturday June 1st, 2002
	Time: 10am-3pm
	Location: Mudgee (venue TBA)
	Contact: Brad Thomson (0421 920 497)

	Getting there:
	From Sydney, take the Great Western Hwy, take the Mudgee turn-off
	ten kilometres past Lithgow.

	Several people have offered rides from Sydney, and as far as I can
	see there's currently around eight free seats from Sydney.

	For those on tight budgets, I've made the offer of floorspace at
	Chateau de Thomson. This will be *really* basic, as we're not well
	set up yet. Bring your own sleeping bags etc., I'm trying to
	round up some mattresses to make life a little more comfortable.

	For those those that are looking for a little more luxurious
	accomodation, there's quite a few options. I'd imagine that if
	I can get an idea of numbers requiring accomodation, I might
	be able to approach one of the local hotels/motels and attempt
	to get a better rate.

and now attendance lists, as i have it:

Craig Warner
Craige McWhirter
David McGuire
Brad Thomson
Matthew Palmer
Steve Weiss
Yvonne Thomson
Ken Caldwell
Don Cameron
Kylie Davies
Grant Diffey
Penni Diffey

I think that's about it for now.


Brad Thomson
ph: 0421 920 497

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