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[Computerbank] News: Footscray Library Thin Client Project

Hi all,

Computerbank Victoria have implemented a demonstration thin client network at the Footscray Library.

The network adds additional computing capacity (4 additional computers for public access) to the network of Windows (16) computers already there.

Instead of following the LTSP route, we have used a custom approach to fit the library's requirements and the needs of users.

This is a very controlled Linux environment that gives users access to a web browser (available in multiple languages), OpenOffice (set up to save in those MS PTY formats), PDF reader, file manager, the GIMP and a few other basic utilities.

The system enables users to save files to the floppy on the client machines (this feature is absolutely necessary), ties login accounts (password-less) to specific clients, and has automated shutdown processes (with screen messages to tell users to 'log off and save work').

The system restores itself to the original set up when it is shutdown and desktop sessions are refreshed when a user session ends.

So far, in it's first few days of operation, the thin client network has been heavily utilised particularly for Internet surfing and webmail. Users are finding the floppy disk a little different to operate as they are familiar with using floppy disks via Windows.

We will be producing a case study soon and this will eventually turn up on our documentation site at doc.vic.computerbank.org.au

For those in Melbourne, who are interested in seeing the set up, drop into the Footscray Library (56 Paisley St, Footscray, open M-F 10am-8pm, Sat 10am-4pm and Sun 10am-2pm) or arrange a visit to Computerbank in West Melbourne (92 Rosslyn St) to see our own in house thin client training room setup.




Kylie Davies
Victorian Branch Coordinator
Computerbank Australia Inc

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