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Re: [Computerbank] may president's report

David Lloyd wrote:

Does open office save as text?
Yes, it does. Here's the content of the attachment, for those who couldn't read it.



President's Report May 2004
19 May 2004

Hi all Computerbankers,

I have approached a couple of legal firms requesting advice on DGR status for our organisation – these being Howie Maher Barristers and Solicitors as well as Pitcher Partners; Howie Maher have offered to help – I expect to hear from them in the short term.

Geoff Tregenza (Computerbank NSW President) has arranged a deal with an insurance firm with regard to stock being distributed to state branches around Australia. The stock includes PIII computers and laser printers – branches will be able to distribute Linux machines on high-quality hardware!! Thank you to Geoff for his efforts here.

State branches are quite busy with revenue-generating activities. (Work for the Dole programs are underway in most states and are running very well.) CBNSW are on the verge of securing a long-term lease in Sydney which will accommodate their storage needs. This is positive news.

Computerbank volunteers in all states are putting in a great amount of work and state branches are moving forward as a result. SA and VIC for instance run two Work for the Dole programs – the hard work required to get to that position is due to volunteer effort. This is Computerbank's strength I believe – volunteers working together. NSW has also received exposure in the press recently - the group are making great inroads with regard to exposing Computerbank and their activities to the outside world.

Our Vice-President, Steve Paynter, has resigned due to study commitments. All the best Steve.

Hope all are well.

Con Validas
Computerbank Australia Inc

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