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Support/documentation issues for users of pc's

Hey all, (not many of us though)

Has anyone given a thought about documentation / user manuals. These
would probably be tailored for the system that was distributed and would
possibly have to be translated into different languages (especially for
newly arrived migrants and NESB people). They would have to be simple
enough to understand. 

I think i recall Ken saying something about training TAD people so that
they can pass on that to users...do you think that they ought to have a
users manual type thing also ..

If these people can and get access to the Internet then it might be a
good thing to start up a support type mailing list for them and have
people like us volunteer with helping out a bit. We could maybe maintain
a web site that would have some kind of helpful info on it (provided
they actually can get on the Internet to get the help)..and pointers to
places that might be interesting or useful to them (re: support groups /
or if from another country indexing major links to that place) 

Kind of establish a community network type thing. I dont know these are
all just suggestions, and although TAD may have some kind of system in
NSW , other people may not...and we may have to provide something. If it
could be central then it would not have to be duplicated...That way we
could configure machines with browsers set at this site for the start up
page. What do other people think?

I have a meeting on Thursday with Multi Media Victoria - this is
hopefully to find out how they are going to help this project in
Victoria...as yet I have no storage space  (I've had people say that
they would help out in this department though)...and my place would'nt
hold many either. So I need to get a firm committment from some people
(maybe MMV??) for storage...