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Re: Support/documentation issues for users of pc's

Hi Kylie,

>> Has anyone given a thought about documentation / user manuals.

Not yet, however I think that the best way is to cut & paste available
doco into a booklet that gives the most basic information to users and
there support.

>> I think i recall Ken saying something about training TAD people so that
>> they can pass on that to users...do you think that they ought to have a
>> users manual type thing also ..

In the end, TAD will build up a support network, especially in the coountry
so a information web site is probably the way to go in the end.

>> If these people can and get access to the Internet then it might be a
>> good thing to start up a support type mailing list for them and have
>> people like us volunteer with helping out a bit. We could maybe maintain
>> a web site that would have some kind of helpful info on it.


>> Kind of establish a community network type thing.


>> I have a meeting on Thursday with Multi Media Victoria -
>> ...as yet I have no storage space  (I've had people say that

TAD use Conaust (free of charges) at the container port in Sydney.
If it is not too far away, give them or other like companies a call and
see if they would donate space.

Cheers, Grahame