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Meeting with MMV

Hi All,

I had my meeting with Multi Media Victoria - which is the state
governments information technology body. I met with some people from the
Investment section and the Industry and Community Development section.
It went very well, although there was no firm committment to anything.

They did suggest we get some higher level support for this project (eg:
deans of university, government minister, linux.org.au - for official
endorsement, maybe we could approach linux international, and some
people in industry sector). 

I was also advised to write to the head of MMV in regards to this
project..Sounds weird i know ...but that is government beaureacracy for
you...However that when we do so we should frame this with respect to
the governments current policy position in this area- lucky for us it is
aimed at giving as many people access to inforamtion technology and
training initiatives in this area) I have a copy of this policy
document, and it might also be worth while to chase up the Federal
governments initiatives in this area also (Australia Online Day Friday
27th Nov is one such program).

Dave has suggested (re: Dave's good news) that we have an IRC meeting to
"nut out" a proposal document for ganing funding etc, we probably should
also meet to discuss the establishment of ourselves as an
organisation/(s) with state representativeness. (Possibly could have
global affiliates eventually). Anyone wishing to attend, or anyone with
ideas of where and when we should have this meeting (which needs to be
ASAP- ??) could you post to this list with your suggestions.. Maybe
linux.org.au ?

Anyway Dave should post next with his exciting news!!!