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East Timor Projects Mailing list

Hi all,

I can now inform you all that a mailing list has been setup for
the discussion of East Timor IT projects. 

One project involves getting 6 computers to Darwin for UNAMET
students so that they may be able to take these back to Dili with
them. The contact person for that project is Andrish Saint-Clare. 

The systems need to have word processing and email/internet
capabilities. Computerbank Victoria has pentiums (133's with
32RAM) that it can allocate for such a purpose, though we are in
dire need of decent size hdds for this purpose. These systems
need to get to Darwin for transportation to Dili. 

Another project involves an ISP rebuild in East Timor. The ISP
will be a non-profit community service. It is anticipated that
this will be built in Sydney - then transported to Dili. 

Mike Hartnell (Interpeace), Rent a Geek / Computerbank NSW and
Community Aid Abroad have already been networking re these
developments. CAA and Rent a Geek built the machine that provided
the first civilian internet connection into ET.

The purpose of the list is to provide a mechanism where all
people involved can discuss projects and inform others of

Even though there are two distinct projects - there is some
degree of networking between the two, hence the combination into
one list. If it is necessary to provide two lists I can arrange
to have this setup.

To subscribe send an email to majordomo@lists.linux.org.au and in
the body of the message put subscribe netproject

You can also subscribe from http://lists.linux.org.au/

If anyone has any questions or has trouble subscribing please let
me know. 

Please forward this message to anyone that might be interested. 

Kind regards,

Kylie Davies
ComputerBank Australia -- http://www.computerbank.org.au/