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Re: [Computerbank] Re frustrated Kylie

Dear  Kylie, Bruce and Don. and all.
I agree with 100% with Don. I am happy to wait for computerbank to get
things together.
It doesn't mean I won't take working Computers if they are offered to me up here in Cairns. In fact we will be asking for them. It doesn't mean I won't give away the computers if they are given to me. We will just do it and when you are set up to have Regional groups and if it fits in we can
consider joining Computerbank. No big deal.
I wouldn't have met yourself, Trish, Bruce, PeterA, Tony, Ralph, Andrew, or Don, and many many more people.
 Remember it was  Trish from computerbank who sent me  the first  email
offering me computers, up to then I had never heard of computerbank. Then she tells me a few people in Q'ld want a computerbank but it was not happening, Well it did happen in my lounge room and it seems to be going very well.
Personally I never needed a computerbank, I just need computers for other people. I'm just glad I could help to get things moving in Q'ld for you.
I have learnt so much from you guys and it has helped me to know that for my projects, I just need good working computers and a internet set-up  that won't be hard to do.
Like Don I am a  mover and a shaker and will just get on with doing. Don't know any other way.
Thanks again
If you say you can, you can, If you say you can't, your right again.