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[Computerbank] jobs our leaders can give away from their overload

Hello everyone,

Without a doubt, people like Kylie need others to do many of the things
they do, to lighten their load and let them get on with what they are
really there for. I'm aware of the so many incidental things she feels she
has to do, yet she's our Executive Officer..

Delivering and picking up stuff, etc. There are lots of other things in
that ETC.

I assume, but can't know, the Prezzes interstate are in much the same boat?

What say you all list for us the things you'd like others to do to give you
the time to get on with what you should be doing? Don't say, "There's lots
of things.." Spell them out, please. Define each one as a task others might
do. We need that so people can volunteer to do it (or contact their mate or
grandma about doing it).

Remember, a lot of people interstate or in the bush can help you in various
ways, perhaps by knowing someone in your city who can do the job you define
but also just as easily from their telephone, fax and computer.

If we are to get fully organised it has got to happen, you leader guys have
to finish up being able to say, "I'm only doing core business, what I've
been elected (or hired) to do, everything else is being done by our
wonderful crew of volunteers."

  Yes?    :-)

Regards to everyone! Bruce (in Melbourne but also across Australia)

>From: Bruce McCubbery <brucemcc@melbpc.org.au>
>Subject: Re: [Computerbank] Re: Cairns or any regional node
>Date: 	Sat, 03 Nov 2001 09:08:11 +1100
<clips only>
>it's a whole-ball-of-wax thing this, Computerbank and where to for us
>the same suspects (the ones who up to now have been doing all of what 
>is needed) cannot be expected to do everything. We need extra help.
>there is a need for the following volunteer positions (or teams)
>much of it can be done by people with minimal knowledge of
>we can *also utilize other helpers who don't know how to refurbish
>** Someone experienced in making *successful* grants applications. Who
>writes the applications but not necessarily gathers all of the material
>Another, who has copies of all the previous grants applications on file
>Someone extra, who knows their way through the whole grants application
>process and knows the rules of the game 
>[not] hear anyone saying, "Great idea but we can't do it." >Plainly, with
a couple of hundred grand up for grabs and Computerbank..
>done collaboratively from anywhere in Australia, the ones doing it.. 
>a computer organisation like us should more and more do our things 
>via the Web and Internet ... in many cases, it doesn't
>matter where our volunteers live and we don't ever have to see them.
>Teletask is http://www.teletask.com.au/ and the volunteer site 
>ActNOW is at http://www.actnow.com.au/ 
>** Computerbank needs a "volunteer scrounger" or two.
>The national Linux skill base Don asks about is needed
>** Which raises the role of the intermediary or facilitator or
>conduit-through-whom we need to get all of this done.. 
>experience in this role of finding and positioning (and caring for) the
>volunteers we need ... it all rests on people saying,
>"I'll help." Apparently, there are 140 on this list -- and you all have
>friends, colleagues and relatives. We can do everything necessary because
>there are people "out there" (outside Computerbank or in the bush or
>wherever) who are keen to volunteer their skills, 
>** One thing we must do is follow through on every suggestion,
>we need someone who tracks it all, not letting us forget one good idea
>and bringing our attention back to it whenever it's necessary.

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