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[Computerbank] printer ink


Super Colour Spark Image Co;Ltd.


PK-V Piazo inkjet solvent base is using state of art production technology, with specially selected pigment from the reliable pigment factory. They have been consistancy passed repeated tests.

1、  irectly print on variety PVC, PS, PU soft materials. Many kinds of coated material on water base inkjet coated material, which will increase water resistance ability.

2、  When you are first time using the PK Solvent Based Ink , you must clean the jet head ,conduit, ink vesicle(connect with the jet) with MEK(2-butanone). After the MEK volatilization, fill PK-v ink.


3、  By UV test cabin Arcfade-O-Meter, the ink showed out outstanding UV resistance capability on some materials color- fading with in 15% one year outdoor up to two years.

4、  PK-V ink have six bright colors for wide gamut color area and easy for colors adjustment. It prints effect nice than water-Ink, and that can¨t special ICC curve.


5、  Suitable for Piazo print head, MIMAKI, MUTOH, ROLAND and EPSON etc. It can print 360DPI normal mode to 1440 dpi photo mode, Continuous printing with no problem. Can user prints big image but don¨t special for care.

6、  PK Solvent Based Ink at 10-20C conserve least one year jarless quality in room.If it has bad quality, we are pledge exchange.


If you are interest in PK INKJET Solvent Based Ink, Please fax or email tell us, we will send sample for you!