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Re: [Computerbank] very minor correction to cbaus site + forms in html

Kylie, David,

The three documents - Volunteer registration, Member registration, and 
Volunteer/Membership Information, are HTML'd and adjusted for CBSA.

Happy for them to be reused by other branches:)))

Simply pop into the CBSA site : http://www.linunix.com/cbsa/ - look on 
left hand menu for the documents listing:)


Kylie Davies wrote:

> Hey there,
>>(with SA Branch details) to CBSA site today/tomorrow..are you guys
>>interested, or do you have versions in HTML already?
> Yes - this would be wonderful. :) Would be useful for other states too.
> :)
> Hope the CAI logo displays okay. 
> Thanks Romana,
> Kylie

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