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Re: [Computerbank] completed forms

Hi all,

> clarification: where do completed forms go?

If you are talking member/and volunteer forms...then...

Completed forms should be held in respective states (or copies of such). A list
should be emailed to the national committee on a monthly (or bi-weekly) basis of
new members and new volunteers. 

> also, do have recipient applications amended for cbaus? I would like to 
> add them to online docs, (anyway, we need them offline).

We do not have recip applications ammended for states - this is something the
national committee needs to look at. I would also discourage the placement of
these forms online - as we lose control over who gets to download the forms.
Sometimes this means people from overseas apply for computers - and adds to the
hassle of admin people.

The way any recipient can get a form - is by sending a SSAE to Computerbank
Australia at 92 Rosslyn Street (regardless of what state you are in) and we send
out the relevant info. At the moment we send a cover letter with state apps from
SA, NSW and QLD - this says that the branch is not open for full service to
individuals yet - but we can place your name on the waiting list - for when they
are open. I have sent you the current outstanding applicants from SA - and I can
do the same for other states - if they feel they are in a position to start
servicing individual apps. 

In terms of any modifications to applciation forms/info sheets - the things that
will change are the training location and times - and the state contact info -
should be there as well as National contact info (if this is the place where the
forms get processed in the first instance).

Applications can still be taken at West Melbourne (I see some issues around
admin here)  - but until other states - have secure means for storing
applications - I would caution against it. 

Kind Regards,


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