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Re: [Computerbank] more standardised install discussion needed ASAP

On Tue, 27 Nov 2001, David Hatton wrote:
> As an aside, the vics have found that many recipients do not appreciate
> the necessity for shutting down a Linux system, as opposed to just
> flicking the power switch off, despite heavy emphasis on shutting down
> correctly during training sessions. Hence there are frequent calls from
> recipients faced with a message asking them to log in as root to run a
> manual file system check. The best way around this seems to be adoption
> of the Reiser file system - this is also being evaluated.

I would recommend EXT3, for data journaling as well as meta-data
journaling. I think this would be more robust in the face of people who
like to just power off a system.

If Gnome is to use Nautilus, you will make even high capacity boxes


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