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Re: [Computerbank] Some tasks to do / questions

Hey Kylie!

Look what I found in my personal files! Remember back then?

Bruce (Ascot Vale)

At 06:19 PM 16/4/99 +1000, Kylie wrote:
>Hi all,
>Just wondering if anyone on the list would be interested in
>collectiong / assessing resources that may be useful for us
>to use - looking through LDP and at tutorials, guides, etc.
>I am thinking along the lines of specific resources - like
>how tos for lynx, pine / mutt, vi, pico, IRCii, Bitchx -
>other pertinent docos. We may be able to use many of these
>documents for training purposes / resource packs. I know the
>LDP material is reproducable - but some things may require
>permission from authors. I'd expect the task involves
>collecting urls of information, collating and assessing them
>- to be put on a web page that all CB's could refer to. 
>CB Vic is about to embark on a pilot program (we have 12
>applicants already!)- these materials are essential to that
>process. The training manual that David is working on is a
>fine start - I'd encourage people to assist there also. 
>Another task is to source the cheapest internet access
>options for our recipients in Melbourne / also in rural
>Victoria. We need to be identifying ISPs that provide shell
>access only, email only and full access at the most
>reasonable prices. Is anybody interested in doing this? So
>far feasible options include: Alphalink shell access, and
>APANA full access. What other ISPS have cheap reasonable
>Additionally - if you are in Melbourne and can spare a few
>hours next week (Mon, Wed, Thur, Fri, Sun) - I'd like to get
>down to Footscray to sort out and catalogue some of the
>equipment already obtained. Please let me know which days
>and times suit best.
>Another qn - is the LUV installfest on a Saturday or Sunday?
>- I am wondering if people would be interested in attending
>another install / working session next weeked - and I dont
>want to schedule it for the same day. 
>Is anybody thinking of going to the LUV Installfest? - it
>would be good to go and talk to people about Computerbank -
>a suggestion was made that we send some reps along. Anyone

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