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Re: [Computerbank] Computerbank statement of purpose (fwd)

I think it is probably best to avoid any mention of the "how" issues regarding our purpose.  The reason for this is that providing computer systems (may not be) the only way we acheive our aim.  Computer Angels (for example) has also conducted computer training sessions, provided a printed user-manual, and have a number of other plans on the drawing board, including printing and binding (on request) freely available technical documentation at-cost to our clients (likely to be about $5 per book), all of which help to acheive our stated purpose, which is to promote, enable and encourage computer literacy amongst disadvantaged groups in our community.  Other things we are in the process of doing is putting together training courses for our enthusiastic but technically less-skilled members.  For example we have a number of retired members and pensioners who put in a great deal of time and effort during the day for Computer Angels, which the more skilled members (who mostly hold 40-hour-week jobs) are not able to offer.  Unfortunately these same people often have only limited linux skills.  Some of these same members are well skilled in Windows, and PC hardware, but again are new to Linux.  Subsequently we find ourselves acheiving our purpose also in training our own members, who then further acheive our purpose by then assisting with the biggest technique - which is to refurbish and then give away computer systems.


We also deliberately chose to remain technology neutral.  This thereby maintains maximum flexibility for our operations.  Any particular technology prescriptions that we choose to have can (if necessary) be laid down in by-laws, which are a great deal more flexible and changable than the constitution.


Just my $0.02.  8-)


David Buddrige

"The Moose(tm)" wrote:
> Hi all,
> Here is are some sample Statemet of Purpose please email any other ideas
> you may have or comments.
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David Hatton wrote:

>How about ...

>To promote computer literacy and use of electronic communications by
>providing computers to
>low income individuals and community groups unable to purchase suitable
>equipment. The    computer systems provided are recycled from donated
>equipment and installed with appropriate non-commercial software.

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