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Re: [cb-private] Re: [Computerbank] Computerbank statement of purpose (fwd)

I would suggest we don't emphasize non-commercial software if the FSF
could be a problem with the Tax office.

How about this variation of David's

To promote computer literacy by providing recycled computers installed with
licenced software
to low income individuals and community groups.

(I think it needs more fiddling ... but for example the non-commercial
software could imply that
we shouldn't install StarOffice and the Adobe Acrobat reader).

From: David Hatton <davidth@melbpc.org.au> on 02/10/2001 00:51 EST

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"The Moose(tm)" wrote:
> Hi all,
> Here is are some sample Statemet of Purpose please email any other ideas
> you may have or comments.
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How about ...

To promote computer literacy and use of electronic communications by
providing computers to
low income individuals and community groups unable to purchase suitable
equipment. The    computer systems provided are recycled from donated
equipment and installed with appropriate non-commercial software.

Hope this helps,

David H.

David T. Hatton

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