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Re: [Computerbank] the proposed N-E Victoria branch

Hello Bruce,

On Fri, 28 Sep 2001, Bruce McCubbery wrote:

> Sorry to be confusing, Mark, I meant where would the likely centre of
> operations (premises) of N-E-VIC (name?) be? I might be able to dig up a
> Heritage Victoria building somewhere up there for you..

> (There's a chance)

Sorry, appears slight misunderstandings. There are still some. Much of
the time I am in Melbourne. My time up there is mainly weekends, and
tend to be rather busy looking after almost six acres. I do have some
time to be involved, but not as the primary focus.

I am steadily applying pressure to the local Bright Adult Education
Centre. Backed by my father, they are running ten second hand AST P166
computers that I bought in Melbourne (indefinite long term loan). Since
they have some special educational deal on M$ licencing, that is what is
currently loaded. It is my intent to fit the removeable HDD drawers, and
then run cheap classes in Linux, but I need to try to not spend so much
on other essentials to be able to afford to do so.

I am also angling to set up a spare headless box as a samba server and
print server. When there is a demonstration of the stability and
effectiveness, then there will be more interest. At the moment it is the
chicken and the egg that M$ has the profile, and that is the only
courses that people want to do. My arguments about a more general
instruction in competence need longer to take effect. They do not yet
understand the penalties of the perpetual M$ upgrade cycle.

What I am looking for is Linux workshops, initially helping to train the
trainers who can then help spread competent use. I have an excellent
base comprehension of some parts, and grossly lacking in others. I will
pick up a lot from informal group discussion and exercise, but it needs
to start at a fairly basic level for some matters, while I may be able
to provide the leadership in others.

Regards,	Mark Trickett

> Bruce
> Previously..

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