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Re: [Computerbank] New constitution and SOP ... (long)

Just a slight technicality; I think you have to get the new constitution
lodged before you can operate under it; your AGM will be under the old
constitution.  I think you can have another subsequent GM on tha same day
and you could elect the same people as PROPOSED office bearers.


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Subject: [Computerbank] New constitution and SOP ... (long)

> Hi folks,
> That should be;
> http://bovine.artificial-stupidity.net/~moose/
> The constitution is in pdf format, and two versions are available - a
clean one
> and a marked up one.
> Okay guys, this is it - the final constitution minus a statement of
purpose. We
> do need to call a Special General Meeting to ratify this and we need to do
> before the end of October. We have decided to hold this on Sunday the 28th
> October.
> The aim of the SGM is to ratify the changes to the constitution. Once all
> is said and done - Computerbank Australia proper (ie, no Victorian
> comes into effect.
> After the SGM, we are holding the AGM of the organisation. At the AGM we
> vote for the office bearers (Pres, VP, Sec and Treasurer) of the new
> association, hear/see various kind of reports, and probably make changes
to the
> fees of the association. (Penni has suggested we make the individual
member fee
> $12, under a pro rata system such as ours, calculating dues will be
> Anyone wanting to vote or nominate for an office bearer at the SGM or AGM
> need to get their membership forms into Vic branch ASAP. (fax, scan and
email or
> post). We will publish a current membership list in a few days.
> Okay - now getting back to the Statement of purposes issue, so far we have
> Penni D\'s 2 cents:
> > Maybe we could say that CAI is an organisation dedicated to making
> Technology accessible to low income earners and community groups
regardless of
> income, age, sex, religion, race or disability.To this end we promote the
use of
> non-commercial software so our recipients are not economically as well as
> educationally penalised.
> David H\'s 2 cents:
> > To promote computer literacy and use of electronic communications by
> computers to low income individuals and community groups unable to
> suitable equipment. The computer systems provided are recycled from
> equipment and installed with appropriate non-commercial software.
> Rodney B\'s 2 cents:
> > To promote computer literacy by providing recycled computers installed
> licenced software to low income individuals and community groups.
> Tim P agrees with David B in WA who both think that the SOP should remain
> technologically neutral and shoud avoid the use of terms such as
commercial and
> non commercial software. Rodney\'s suggestion avoids that.
> For the record the Computer Angels Constitutional objectives (WA
terminology for
> SOP) are thus (and not as was previously suggested by Penni);
> 1.promote and encourage Computer Literacy throughout the community;
> 2.enable technological access to all;
> 3.organise such functions as deemed necessary to promote the aims of
> the organisation;
> 4.form strategic partnerships with Organisations or Associations which
> have compatible objectives; and
> 5.undertake promotional and fund-raising activities as required from time
> time to achieve these objectives.
> I do believe that with these objectives the group was able to get tax
> status with ATO (can someone in WA confirm this, and could you please
> what other documentation you were required to submit in order to get this
> status). ????
> Ok - with all that said and done - I must say I have a preference to
> technologically neutral. :) I also think that they need to be short, one
> sentence type objectives, rather then longer type sentences as they read
> better.
> Frank C once came up with a SOP - that was quite neutral - but no one
seems to
> remember it...Frank???
> As suggested by David B, the use of by laws can sort operational issues
> Clayton Utz have also suggested that we use by laws to determine
> structure / operational / accountability issues rather then have all of
this in
> the constitution. More on by laws will be coming up soon.
> For now, the immediate thing is to have a look at the constitution and to
have a
> think about the statement of purpose, because come Sunday - these have to
> written down in concrete. :) (This is due to the need to give 21 days
notice for
> a SGM).
> Kind Regards,
> Kylie
> PS: I\'m quite behind with email and stuff - so if i haven\'t replied to
> emails - sorry - I\'m getting to them. :)
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> >
> > Pen.
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