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[Computerbank] Annual General Meeting

Hi all

This shouldn't be as long.

The time and date for the AGM is in the last email, this is the meeting

As with the SGM proxies have to be to me by 25th of October 2001.

We need Nominations for 
2 Ordinary Members

Nominations must be in writing and signed by both the nominee and
nominator. Nomination forms will be available via the web site after
Tuesday ( as we don't appear to have any.).

Motion: " That computerbank raise it's annual Membership fee to $12.00 per
annum for an Ordinary Member."

Motion: " That Computerbank Australia Incorporated open branches
throughout Australia with the Melbourne/Victorian branch acting as the
Association headquarters. The convenors of these branches will agree to
abide by the Rules, Statement of Purpose and Policies of Computerbank
Australia Incorporated."

So far tha Agenda is
Minutes of the Previous Annual General Meeting
President's Report
Treasurer's Report and Auditors Statement
Appointment of an Auditor for 2002 AGM
Motions on Notice
Election of Office Bearers and Elected Committee Members.

If there are any more motions for the AGM please email me by 14th of
October as all agenda Items need to be set 14 days before the meeting and
only agenda items can be dealt with at the AGM.

Last years AGM minutes can be found at
<a href="www.computerbank.org.au/victoria/CBVAGM08-00.html">2000 AGM</a>

There will be provision for electronic participation in this meeting so
let us know if you require this as we have to set it up.

All full financial Members are eligible to vote.

i hope that's all, if anyone needs to contact me this week I'll be in
Bendigo until thursday at 54429995.

I'll be in at work Thursday to take training.

That's all from me 

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