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Re: [Computerbank] Printing to an ink-jet / bubble jet from slackware 3.5

Hello David,

David Buddrige wrote:
> Hi all,
> Last weekend I was out helping a Computer Angels client configure her new
> printer.  She has a Computer-Angles computer (486-DX2-33) with 16 mb RAM,
> running slackware 3.5.  She was given some money by a friend to buy
> a printer and subsequently had bought a Canon BJC-2100SP.
> --------------   snip -------------------

I have had good results with slackware running a package called
apsfilter.  You can almost certainly find it on the Slackware CDROMs/net
site - you will need to read the docs to get the low down on how to
install it, but its not too bad if I recall correctly.

Another one you might like to look at is magicfilter, which works in a
similar way but seems to have a more limited set of printer definitions
available for use.  This may have changed since I last checked it,

Both these utilities can happily print quite a few types of files,
including plain text, postscript etc. You may need to install other bits
of software for anything exotic, however.

Another good source of linux printing information, if you don't already
have it, it the web site  www.linuxprinting.org.

Hope this helps,

David H.

David T. Hatton
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