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[Computerbank] Re: CAIRNS!

Hi Guys! (from Kerry Bowden, Premier of VirtualQueensland)

Kerry held the very first meeting of the Computerbank Queensland division
in her home when she was in Brisbane, among other things.

Now she's in Cairns and wants to start a branch there! With her energy and
connections I'd bet on her doing it quickly. But we could help?

How? Who knows someone up there who might also be interested?


>Date: Wed, 10 Oct 2001 09:38:44 +1000 (EST)
>From: "Kerry Bowden" <kerryb@comcen.com.au>
[that's @comcen.com.au]
>To: Bruce McCubbery <brucemcc@melbpc.org.au>
>Subject: Re: CAIRNS!
>Hi Bruce
>Cairns is great. I am still not connected to the internet. Long funny 
>story. Hope it is sorted out in the next few days.
>Have also been to Eye Specialist and will know more friday so wanted to 
>get that out of the way.
>I have a small house at the bottom of a mountain and a back area 
>outside that make you want to do nothing else but sit there.
>I have been very busy spoke to Rotary last week. All male club they 
>want me to join them, nice compliment, said are they allowed to have an 
>unemployed premier!!!
>Will be speaking to other clubs. Also expecting some good press shortly.
>The best news is I have my first steering committee meeting for the 
>bank of Mentors on the 23 Oct and have some top people involved. Both 
>indigenous and non indigenous.
>Will be on radio this morning, start of my own little show "Direct line 
>to the Premier" indigenous local program. 
>Yes I will be getting a branch of computerbank going up here are there 
>any members of computerbank up this way? I am happy to get it started 
>but must concentrate on my Mentors program.
>I made the right call coming up here. So much support from both sides 
>that it will be a simple and rewarding project.
>Talk soon let all on Australia-wide know I am here and will be back 
>doing Ministers Posts shortly.

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