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[Computerbank] Re: sf.net and websites

Shaun Branden wrote:
> How is the new site coming on?

There has been a bit of a delay due to changing commitments of various
people involved with setting up the new website. I have 'volunteered' to
see what I can do to move things along. The first priority seems to be
the updating of existing information displayed on our current site, with
migration of content to the new site a close second priority.

Once I have become more familiar with what has to be done, I will have a
better idea of how much help I'll need.  I'll keep the list posted as
progress is made.

> Are you after help with the sf.net project?

At the moment, I think Grant Diffey is organising this one, with the
help of others.

> Is there currently an online database to track recip queues, inventory,
> forms received/ required, etc?

Not at the moment.  My personal feeling is that this is probably best
done at a local (branch) level as the requirements and inventory will
undoubtedly vary from place to place.

Hope this helps.

David H.

David T. Hatton
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