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Re: [Computerbank] Printing to an ink-jet / bubble jet from slackware 3.5

Hello David,

Its a while since I did this with Slackware - I mostly use Debian these
days which has the advantage of a very good installation tool which does
the setup for you.  IIRC once you have the package installed you have to
run a configuration script which asks questions about the printers you
have etc.

It would be worthwhile looking at an article in the Linux Journal.  You
can access it on line, as it was published in November 1997 - a bit
ancient but the basics will still be the same.

Go to www.linuxjournal.com and follow the 'Magazine' link - scroll down
to the online table of contents and click on November 1997 - the article
you want is Power printing with magic filter.

Hope this helps.

David H.

David T. Hatton

buddriged@switch.aust.com wrote:
>  Hi David,
> I have downloaded, compiled and installed magicfilter, and am now in
> the process of attempting to configure it.  Attached is my printcap
> file as it stands.   I have put all of the filters that come with
> magicfilter into the directory  /var/spool/lpd/filters/.  Magicfilter
> is installed in /usr/local/bin/magicfilter.
> I admit I'm a complete novice at this - I have only ever installed (my
> own) printer on my own system using Redhat Linux, and then it was
> something that was part of the install routine; I've no idea how
> Redhat configures things under the hood.    Can someone enlighten me
> as to how this works.  See attached copy of printcap.
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