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[Computerbank] Documentation

Hi everyone
Some of you will know me, but I will be a new name to those of you
outside Victoria. I am both a user of Computerbank services and a
volunteer at Computerbank. I am currently studying Technical Writing as
part of my Diploma of Professional Writing and Editing. My final
assignment for the year involves writing a case study on the use of
documentation in a company or organization, so I am doing mine on
	I would greatly appreciate input from everyone associated with
Computerbank about the documentation in the organization. I will post
some basic questions and hope that as many of you as possible give me
some feedback. 
	This is also a good opportunity for the subject of documentation to be
discussed and maybe create the incentive for more people to contribute
to the creation and maintainance of documentation within Computerbank.

Here are a few subjects I would like to know more about.
How important do you think documentation is to the organization.
Should there be more of any type of documents?
Should there be more cheat sheets? If so what topics should be
Have you ever read any of Computerbank Policy documents?
What documentation from Computerbank have you used?
Did you find it effective ? Why or why not?
How is the documentation in Computerbank created? 
Who creates it? 
Who can make changes to documentation?
Who decides what documents will contain?
Who must approve of any documentation created?
How is the documentation distributed? 
Who has access to particular types of documentation? 
Is Computerbank documentation widely used?
Is Computerbank documentation effective?
What changes would you like to see in the way documentation is used at

You get the general picture... answer one, answer them all or tell me
something else; but, please answer me ASAP. (Yes I have put this off too
long and the due date is drawing near. )

I look forward to some interesting discussion of this topic.
If you have something you would like to discuss with me in private
please contact me at jo_bianchi@dingoblue.net.au

Jo-Anne Bianchi
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