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[Computerbank] Computerbank - Branch issues (from SA)


As a quorum of active members of the previous Computerbank SA, now to be 
a branch of Computerbank Australia, we started receiving applications 
from recipients and volunteers (largely due to Kylie's wonderful 
publicity, which caught us by surprise!:) )

While we waited for CBAus to get started, all applications for systems 
were sent to Vic, while we maintained volunteer forms. Now that CBAus is 
running, there are a number of issues now arising...

- process for applications
We have no current way of knowing who has sent in paperwork to Vic. As 
CBAus is going to be national, we will need to determine processes for 
all states - the best option(in our opinion) being a single data 
repository (see information management, below). Another option is to 
have each state process their own forms.

- committee
We believe that there needs to be representatives of each state on the 
committee. While this provides some logistical issues, a possible 
solution would be to have state committees, with a separate Aus national 
committee. However, this may lead to death by committee!!!

- funding & resources
As is the case (we are sure) with some of the other states, those of us 
starting out have a number of issues with funding and resources. We 
would dearly like a discussion on how funding will work for the starter 
states. Do we pursue our own funding as branches, or will funding be 

- membership
We assume we now all have to join if we wish to vote. However, where 
would dues go? (this depends on funding arrangements, as discussed 
above). This needs to be resolved asap, so that we can join in time to 
vote in upcoming meeting.

-information management
Obviously, the website(s) of all states now need updating, and there 
needs an updated CBAus site. However, state sites may best be part of 
the CBAus site, and information management may best be centralised to 
one server. Also, as mentioned, perhaps all forms can be processed 
through a centralised online access database, with passworded access, to 
limit who can access what information. Perhaps we need a group to work 
on that, comprised of willing volunteers from all states. (Basically, 
whoever can and is willing to do so!)

Awaiting discussions,
Dale Long, Romana Challans, Jenni Gillett, Shaun Branden
icq no:393293

Computerbank SA member

"All that is necessary for the triumph of
evil is that good men do nothing."
(Edmund Burke)

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