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Re: [Computerbank] Computerbank - Branch issues (from SA)

Hello all,

Just a few comments on information management - see below 

romana wrote:
> Hi,
> As a quorum of active members of the previous Computerbank SA, now to be
> a branch of Computerbank Australia, we started receiving applications
> from recipients and volunteers (largely due to Kylie's wonderful
> publicity, which caught us by surprise!:) )
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> -information management
> Obviously, the website(s) of all states now need updating, and there
> needs an updated CBAus site. However, state sites may best be part of
> the CBAus site, and information management may best be centralised to
> one server. Also, as mentioned, perhaps all forms can be processed
> through a centralised online access database, with passworded access, to
> limit who can access what information. Perhaps we need a group to work
> on that, comprised of willing volunteers from all states. (Basically,
> whoever can and is willing to do so!)

I have put my hand up to see what I can do to organise an update to our
main and Victorian web pages, with a view to having basic up-to-date
information on the site fairly quickly pending a move to a completely
renovated site. 

My first thoughts for a quick update are to keep the main page more or
less the same and provide links to the various groups/branches who would
find such a link useful.  Possibly this page could also display a
paragraph or two of 'headline' news with a link to more detailed
information at the corresponding local site.

With regard to a renovated site, I would be very interested in feedback
from people as to what they see as the purpose of a web site.  What
facilities would be useful, and would people be available to maintain
content for each group/branch ? Would you favour a large 'everything
included' web site or a more distributed setup ? 

With regard to operational data, my own initial impression is that it
would probably be best if the various forms etc for each regional area
are handled within that area, rather than centrally.  That way, each
branch can set up a local system scaled its own requirements. However,
I'm certainly open to contrary views.

Hope this helps,

David Hatton

David T. Hatton
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