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Re: [Computerbank] Re: Nomination forms

ok, so state reps will automatically become members, voted for by the people involved in
a computerbank capacity in each state (who are not members of Computerbank Vic or Aus and
who have not paid membership)  But then the reps have to pay membership to Victoria??
And I ask again, why does membership money automatically go to Victoria when the other
states are starved for funds & resources??
 As far as I am concerned, I and Romana and Shaun are members of the South Australian
branch of Computerbank and our memberships are paid for in petrol for trips to pick up,
drop off and setup computer systems, and when $$ are needed HERE we contribute what we
We dont have the resources for a 'training centre' so atm we are delivering systems to
recips & training them onsite.
No, it doesnt clear things, theres a lot left out here in terms of where the states
stand. I want to know what resources are going to flow to us 'poor cousins' and when.
I would really like to hear from the 'other' states (WA, NSW etc) to hear their views on

"The Moose(tm)" wrote:

> Hi there
> Each state will have one or two representatives on the committee. The way
> we see it is that each state will decide on who their reps are and they'll
> be appointed to the committee with full voting rights.
> They must be members, membership is probably going up to
> $12 per year and is pro rata.
> Sorry you don't get to vote on sunday if your not a member.
> Each state also needs to decide who will be their convenor ( I think
> that's what they'll be) and that person with the co ordinators will form
> the basis for the state committee.
> Hope this clears things a little it'll get better over the next few weeks.
> Pen
> On Fri, 26 Oct 2001, jennifairy wrote:
> > Well I would like to know if there is any space on the committee for state
> > representation. As far as I know this question was amongst others put to the list
> > some weeks ago from us here in SA & I havent heard anyhting back.
> > Personally, the reason I havent sent my $$ to CBVIC for membership has been that we
> > need all the resources we can get here.
> > So bcoz I havent sent money to Victoria I dont get to vote for someone here in SA.
> > (?is this how it is?)
> >

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