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[Computerbank] Re: [cbq] Working Bee and training team meeting

Just want to say "Well done !Tony and Queensland Branch."
Can you send me a press release about Computerbank Q'ld so I can get it out up here to get a far North Q'ld Branch underway.
Premier Kerry

> Dear Computerbank Supporter,
> Working Bee
> The Queensland Branch will be holding its next working bee on Saturday the
> 3rd of November. Similar to previous working bees, we will be testing
> machines to see which ones work, salvaging components from broken machines
> and installing operating systems on working systems.
> Computerbank Australia recommends Debian as its operating system of choice
> and has sent us a swag of material on installs and training. We should
> consider at this meeting if we want to drop Red Hat and standardise on
> Debian. Please discuss and express your opinion on this issue before hand on
> our mailing list.
> Training Team Meeting
> We have recently started processing applications for computers. Initially
> this just means sending out application forms to everyone who has contacted
> us in the past. By the end of the month we should have received and
> processed some completed applications. At this point we could start handing
> out computers and therefore need to start thinking about training and
> support we might provide to end users.
> Things to do (not necessarily all on Saturday):
> * who is going to do the training
> * setup laptop training network
> * have some practice runs with the training material on some guinea pigs
> If you are interested in being part of the training team you should consider
> coming along on Saturday.
> Details:
> When: Saturday the 3rd of November, 11 am - 4 pm
> Where: Ken Groves House, 21 Gilmore Street, Tarragindi
> What to bring: screw drivers, linux CDs, thinking cap, a few bucks for
> pizza, tea, coffee and biscuits
> I will also have the new Computerbank Australia membership and volunteer
> registration forms on hand for newcomers.
> Tony Joblin,
> Convenor - Queensland Branch
> Computerbank Australia Inc.
> Tel: 07 3371 1311 (W), Email: cbq-exec@dstc.edu.au
> http://www.dstc.edu.au/CBQ/index.html
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