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[Computerbank] Working Bee and training team meeting

Dear Computerbank Supporter,

Working Bee

The Queensland Branch will be holding its next working bee on Saturday the
3rd of November. Similar to previous working bees, we will be testing
machines to see which ones work, salvaging components from broken machines
and installing operating systems on working systems.

Computerbank Australia recommends Debian as its operating system of choice
and has sent us a swag of material on installs and training. We should
consider at this meeting if we want to drop Red Hat and standardise on
Debian. Please discuss and express your opinion on this issue before hand on
our mailing list.

Training Team Meeting

We have recently started processing applications for computers. Initially
this just means sending out application forms to everyone who has contacted
us in the past. By the end of the month we should have received and
processed some completed applications. At this point we could start handing
out computers and therefore need to start thinking about training and
support we might provide to end users.

Things to do (not necessarily all on Saturday):
* who is going to do the training
* setup laptop training network
* have some practice runs with the training material on some guinea pigs

If you are interested in being part of the training team you should consider
coming along on Saturday.


When: Saturday the 3rd of November, 11 am - 4 pm
Where: Ken Groves House, 21 Gilmore Street, Tarragindi
What to bring: screw drivers, linux CDs, thinking cap, a few bucks for
pizza, tea, coffee and biscuits

I will also have the new Computerbank Australia membership and volunteer
registration forms on hand for newcomers.

Tony Joblin,
Convenor - Queensland Branch
Computerbank Australia Inc.
Tel: 07 3371 1311 (W), Email: cbq-exec@dstc.edu.au

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