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[Computerbank] SGM and AGM

hi all

There was a small but fiery group at todays meeting.
Results are
President			Grant Diffey
Vice President			Steve Williams
Secretary/Public Officer	Penni Diffey
Treasurer			David Wood
Ordinary Members		Rodney Brown
				David Hatton

Congratulations all.

Tony Joblin from Queensland was appointed as Convenor of the Queensland
Branch and will be appointed as our first State rep at the next meeting.
It was felt that this should happen at a committee level rather than an

The SOP was defeated and we will once again be wrestling with this.
All the other constitutional changes were carried.

We send thank yous to all who have had to lessen their commitment to CAI
notably Trish, David T, Jason Bob B and Frank. We all hope you can find
some time for us in the future. Thanks for all of your ground work.

To all the past committee thank you for last years hard work especially
Robert Mead who retired as Treasurer and he also held the position of
recipient co ordinator early in the year.

Kylie has worked very hard in her position as EO and we commend here for
her commitment. 

We also have many notable volunteers now John H, Con,Grant, Steve P, 
Luong,David H, Kat, Sue, Julia and many more.

that's about all I thought that I'd sent this last night. 

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