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Re: [Computerbank] standardised installs

Hi Romana, Craig and Tony

Congratulations on becoming Official Convenor for states, state  Co
ordinators (this is a position with full voting rights on the National  
Committee) and full financial members.

Currently we are working on a package to send to all the new State
Convenors but hopefully the basics such as receipt books, a copy of the
Certificate of Incorporation, a copy of the ABN and a copy of the ASIC
Registration will be sent to you later this week.

The next meeting is on 13 th November starting at 6.30 EDST ( does that
make sense to you? ) and we will be phone conferencing so that no one
misses out.

The minutes of this meeting will be avilable on our web page ( not the
Vic page)by the end of the week and agenda items need to be emailed to me
by the Thursday before the meeting.

If you haven't yet could you please make sure all volunteers have filled
in the Volunteer Registration form so that they are covered by our Aust
wide insurance policy. If you need a copy let me know and I'll email it to

I'll be in touch soon

 On Mon, 29 Oct 2001, romana wrote:

> Hi all,
> Tony from the Qld branch has raised another good issue for discussion. 
>         Are we going to look a standardised install?
> It makes sense in terms of documentation, training, and resourcing etc.
> Can SA receive the same pack sent to Qld, so we can review and discuss?
> Thanks, Romana:)
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