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Re: [Computerbank] Re frustrated Kylie

Hello Kerry,

I\'m going to take a firm stand here, and hope that others who promote
Computerbank on other lists, will listen up.

Any person who has not been authorised (by virtue of asking or by virtue of
having a co-ordinating role) to talk /promote Computerbank will be required to
either a) revoke any statement that may have been said and b) clean up any
ensuing mess (this may include replying to multiple emails or written
correspondence / phone calls). 

Naturally, posting our website URL and contact details is okay - but dont prefix
it with any promises. :)

Right now Computerbank is focussed on getting State branches in NSW, SA and QLD
up and running. Nothing more - nothing less. There is a slight effort in Coolah
- but this is testing ground only. 

In Vic, nothing is happening down in Bendigo, the laptop we built for our
Bendigo contact (and you may know who you are) never got picked up from the
Bendigo location we left it at. 



Quoting Premier <premier@queenslandgovernment.com>:

> Sorry Kylie 
> I have been off air with moving north and very busy getting up to date
> with government work, just appointed an Ambassador for Afghanistan, 
> must have missed the post, can\'t even blame a bureaucrat.  Will now do
> that.
> Don\'t panic it\'s a long way off. Have a Bank of Mentors to set up before
> then.
> I have my own little local radoishow and it\'s good to give computerbank
> a plug and getting locals to know about it.
> regards
> kerry

Kylie Davies
Executive Officer
Computerbank Victoria

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