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Re: [Computerbank] Re frustrated Kylie

Hi Kylie,

You know I respect you immensely as the founder and developer of
Computerbank to where it is now and plainly I don't know or understand
about all of the internal work that is going on, like the documentation,
etc. However, I can't agree with your assessment that we should not now
proceed with developing branches in the regional areas keen to do so. 

I won't be promoting the idea on any other lists until I get your OK,
you're the boss, but we have those already on here interested in doing it
who we should surely not leave in limbo, what about them?

I agree without question that the enthusiasm I have stirred in many parts
of Australia in the past must have been irritating to those who had to
handle it, although I did not know before this that it was the trouble it
apparently has been. Instead I heard people were pleased. 

I apologise for doing it before but surely the answer for this stage of
Computerbank's evolution is not to stop any interest in developing regional

Instead, couldn't Computerbank develop a standard set of stand-alone
procedures for each regional applicant to follow? I believe you have these
already in the model for establishing capital city branches and very little
adjustment to that would be necessary to create a regional branches
how-to-get-started package. Perhaps I'm wrong.

Regional centres can do almost all that is required independently. Coolah
is doing wonderful things, one day Michael will tell everyone about them,
it is proving a small town can do big Computerbank things. 

What are the reasons a regional centre might be a pain in the butt? Not
much it seems to me, not if we have the proposed startup package. For you
to be happy for them to go ahead, all you need is for them to do things the
Computerbank Way, have their own donation stream, have all the Linux
expertise that's necessary for them on tap, and good local organisation of

As with everyone, I've learnt along the way. These days, I don't talk of a
seeding set of computers from another place in Computerbank for any startup
regional group, although if it can be done that would obviously help. 

Instead, as with people so far away from everyone like in Cairns, I suggest
we say in effect, "Start it up yourselves but you will have Computerbank's
support with advice, etc." Who is to provide this help, the national body,
the state division concerned or perhaps this mailing list in general? After
they get their startup package, probably all three. 

You've mentioned the package to be sent to new state division HQs. In my
book, all the we.can.do.it.ourselves highly capable organisers we are
finding out in the regions only need the support specific to Computerbank's
requirements and practices.

They can do everything else, they aren't new to volunteer efforts, they can
go about doing what they are practised in doing in the many other things
they have run before. 

Please don't cut off any enthusiasm "out there", it's hard enough to get,
instead let us simply help them to do what you want. Beginning with the
proposed startup package.

Regards, Bruce (Melb)

At 14:35 29/10/01 +1100, Kylie Davies wrote:
>Hello Kerry,
>I\'m going to take a firm stand here, and hope that others who promote
>Computerbank on other lists, will listen up.
>Any person who has not been authorised (by virtue of asking or by virtue of
>having a co-ordinating role) to talk /promote Computerbank will be
required to
>either a) revoke any statement that may have been said and b) clean up any
>ensuing mess (this may include replying to multiple emails or written
>correspondence / phone calls). 
>Naturally, posting our website URL and contact details is okay - but dont
>it with any promises. :)
>Right now Computerbank is focussed on getting State branches in NSW, SA
and QLD
>up and running. Nothing more - nothing less. There is a slight effort in
>- but this is testing ground only. 
>In Vic, nothing is happening down in Bendigo, the laptop we built for our
>Bendigo contact (and you may know who you are) never got picked up from the
>Bendigo location we left it at. 

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