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Re: [Computerbank] Re frustrated Kylie


We do not have by-laws in place, we do not have a *legal* framework for
them to operate in. We need regular reporting - we are coming up with a
framework for this. It is not quite there yet. We will be discussing
this at our meeting on the 13th of Nov? (i think)

Those wishing to become nodes of CBAUS need to be approved by the
National Committee, they also need to be members. Anyone doing "cb"
stuff needs to be a registered volunteer. 

We do not have time right now - because - we cant support it - if we
attempted to - we would do it *badly*. I'd rather not disappoint anyone
- and just say no for the moment. 

Those who do have an interest in developing nodes - for now - should
probably listen to all that is going on our mailing lists, which we hope
will be more active in the future. We also promise to get out act
together with respect to website management / maintenance - and will use
this as a primary means to disseminate info about what we do. Of late,
our IRC channel has been really busy most of the time. (instructions
were given in another email)

The documentation is no where near finished. Do you know how difficult
that makes things? 

The start up package to which you refer below - means sending out things
- that both Penni and I have mentioned - things like - ABN numbers, Bank
details, receipt books and membership/volunteer registers, a copy of the
constitution. We are doing this - because NSW, SA, and QLD are official
states in which Computerbank Australia operates (by virtue of their

Some State branches have been to Melbourne to look at our operation - so
that they could get an idea of the kind of things we are doing. NSW and

Only one of these groups have received a package from us - a laptop with
our setup, some of the cheat sheet notes we use at CB  - but they are
only applicable in our network environment - and are made for the kind
of system specification we are distributing out to individuals. (mainly
Pentiums). Bendigo were also sent this laptop too - but as I said before
it didn't get collected. 

We also sent them our training manuals (not finished and still draft and
again tied to the systems we distribute), a swag of forms and some draft
& ratified policy material. We sent this to Bendigo too. 

In SA - they only have 486's at the moment - so the packages we are
using may not be appropriate. This may be the case in other states - and
they may do things differently.

We do not have a complete cookbook of what we do - in fact it needs
heaps more work. Together, with other states, we intend to refine this
process as well as increase the amount of documentation we produce so as
to streamline operations.

In Victoria - we probably only have around another 200 odd machines -
with donations (smaller) coming in on a regular basis. Most of the
systems we have are 486 dx4/100. 

> who we should surely not leave in limbo, what about them?

The should speak up on this list then. They should be on this list ( and
yes i know some of them are).

> already in the model for establishing capital city branches and very > > > little
> adjustment to that would be necessary to create a regional branches
> how-to-get-started package. Perhaps I'm wrong.

Yes - we don't yet have it. It is much trickier than what we thought it
would be - because the national committee (members) are responsible for
the overall operation of everyone (so the folk in x town have an
accident - because they were working from someone's garage which wasn't
oc health and safety compliant), or volunteer x drives recipient b home
and crashes car, recipient x dies, is cb at fault? Our legal liability -
is immense. We are accountable for everyone's actions. 

Rural nodes will not have a direct position on the National Committee -
they will be followed up at the State level. 

Is NSW and QLD and SA in a position to support rural nodes? 

Michael White is unique I guess but still it would be great to find out
how he is doing - since he is our first rural branch. ???

> Regional centres can do almost all that is required independently. 

Can they source equipment? Can they find suitable places to work and
train people, can they find suitable lockable filing cabinets to store
confidential information and c. 

> Coolah
> is doing wonderful things, one day Michael will tell everyone about 
> them,
> it is proving a small town can do big Computerbank things.

Report - how are the linux installs going, how is the linux training
going - how is it going? 

> What are the reasons a regional centre might be a pain in the butt? Not
> much it seems to me, not if we have the proposed startup package. For > > you
> to be happy for them to go ahead, all you need is for them to do things > the
> Computerbank Way, have their own donation stream, have all the Linux
> expertise that's necessary for them on tap, and good local organisation > of
> everything.

And how many people have that? I'd like to see them come forward - with
their linux support in hand. Rob is doing this I know - and one of our
volunteers over in Tasmania - may have been in contact with Rob. But we
haven't heard from Rob's linux volunteer?

>this mailing list in general? After
> they get their startup package, probably all three.

Yes this mailing list in general - but please, no one should be using
the Computerbank name to do things under, unless they have been approved
to do so. 

In terms of getting a startup package - for regionals this will have to
wait. They will need to see their state representative. 

I will request that Penni adds the regional node issue on to the agenda
of the National Committee meeting. 

> Please don't cut off any enthusiasm "out there", it's hard enough to > get,
> instead let us simply help them to do what you want. Beginning with the
> proposed startup package.

If they are not even members - then we cant help. :(


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